The Unity of the Doctrine of Truth

Faktanews.id - If anything you think is right, be assured that it is from Allah. However, if you think that you are right, but there are different opinions, be sure that there is something in your opinion, and that the opinions of others are in line with God's teaching. It can be your opinion that is in accordance with God's teaching, it may be the opinion of others who are in accordance with God's teaching To make sure that such a thing is true, refer to the word of God (Holy Book).

Holy book

The so-called "scripture" because it contains no confusion, does not mix between the Haq and the false, not the word of man, but the word of God, therefore no man or creature can change it, and only the Most Knowing God, its meaning. Therefore, the holy Book has no doubt in it. The pure scripture contains the word of God.

The Word of God, or the Holy Book, therefore applies to all mankind. If there is a Qoran that only applies to a group of people, a few people, make sure it's not the word of God. God or God is not discriminatory, it is not a dholim, just by giving guidance to a group of people.

The Word of God, or the guidance of God, was given to the creatures of God, before man was created. God has given His guidance to plants, animals or animals, according to the needs of those plants, animals or animals. For them to live as God intended for them.

After man was created, God gave man guidance, that he might live, and live his life as God intended.

God gives the potential of the heart so that with that potential God can give His guidance to man, and man can receive guidance or guidance from God through that potential of his heart. Every human being is given the heart, because every human being needs the guidance of Allah Almighty. Whoever is most grateful for the gift of Allah is the one who will receive the best of the best of Allah's blessings.

Up to this point, if this is properly understood and true, it can be concluded that God did not create many teachings, and that all true teachings must come from God.

The unity of God's Teaching.

Thus there are not many religions, or teachings that God has created. Instead of all that is the teaching of God, it is a unity of teaching in order to be a guide, a guide for all mankind, for man to be saved, to live his life in peace.

Peace or peace, which in Arabic is called Islam. So whatever teaching comes from God is sure to bring salvation or peace.

Humans and the Emergence of Religions.

The question arises, why in the historical reality of human civilization are many religions found?

Allah creates His creatures by His sentence, or by His Word, or by His Word, as soon as Allah wills Him with His iradat. Iradat or the will of Allah, the Most Perfect. Therefore, none of God's creations will be found that are flawed, unbalanced, all of them are created according to the nature or size that God has determined for each of His creations.

Likewise with humans. No human being from God's creation is not given the same potential. Everything is given the same potential so that with this potential, humans can carry out their activities, as the purpose and purpose of God created it.

The purpose and goal of humans are created is to become slaves, servants, messengers, or Abdullah (servants of God). Then humans are given the potential in accordance with the intent and purpose of its creation.

Man was created from the ground, formed, then given a spirit by God, who came from the spirit of his creation. Which spirit of God's creation is meant? What is meant, is a spirit that has existed in God's previous creation, that is in the universe.

How is the process? Regarding this matter the writer should not mention here, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, due to incomplete explanations. Given this issue, requires a fairly long explanation.

It is the spirit of God's creation that comes from the universe that is given to humans so that humans who have been formed from the land can live. So that in nature naturally, humans are really the same as other creatures of God.

After the human body is given the spirit, then the human life on earth.

Early humans, or early generations of humans, lived their life patterns, not unlike animals, or animals. Naked, not wearing any clothes, not good at talking, not good at writing or reading. Everything he does, based on his natural instincts. The spirit of God's creation, given to humans, has actually been given beforehand to the universe, animals and plants. Therefore, instinctively, humans have attachment to nature, animals and plants.

Ancient humans, interacting with animals, without any bad feelings of their neighbors. Because each other, without prejudice, they can live together without hurting each other. Humans live enjoying whatever God gives on this earth without feeling afraid for lack, because all has been provided by God.

But along with the growth and development of human potential, his ambitious nature is increasing. Humans instinctively animal want to get more than what they already have. His passions and egos encourage humans to go beyond limits, out of the intent and purpose of their creation as servants.

Humans want power. This is the beginning of the slipping of humans before God, the desire of the human ego's drive to rule over other creatures of God. This situation was first experienced by Adam, which caused Adam removed from the sense of comfort, to remain in heaven (gardens that are all pleasant) again eternal.

Ambition to rule, ambition to live eternally, due to impulse, in Adam, caused because Adam forgot God. Forgetting the presence of God is what Satan uses to mislead Adam.

When Adam forgets God, Satan enters his heart, encouraging his passion and ego by promising power and eternity. Though Satan has absolutely no knowledge of that power and eternity, it is merely propaganda, or Satan's deception.

The ambition of power and the ambition of eternal life whispered by the devil through his ego or lust, this is what caused the wrath of God to Adam, because previously God had warned Adam not to follow Satan, because in fact Satan was a real enemy to Adam.

Allah then punished Adam, driving him out of the "pleasure gardens", or heaven.

Someone who is expelled by God from the garden of pleasure, due to following his passions, or following Satan as its leader, will never feel inner peace, his soul will experience a rebellion. This, because of the nature of the human heart or soul, or human nature is always in line with the nature of God, so it is contrary to every human behavior that opposes God.

Then Adam later regretted his actions, and begged for forgiveness. Adam long ago suffered, after realizing his mistake and after asking forgiveness from God, by acknowledging that He had done dholim to himself, Allah accepted his repentance.

The story of Adam, is the story of man. What is experienced by Adam is a picture of what is experienced by all humans.

Every human being has the opportunity to slip into lust, be trapped by the ego, or be manipulated by Satan in his life. All that happens when the potential for human consciousness begins to become active. When humans are able to distinguish good and bad, when humans have been able to distinguish what is right, what is wrong. This phase is called the Akil Baliq. The phase where the guidance of religious teachings began to be needed by humans to guide the hearts and minds of men. Because without guidance, without the guidance of God's Revelation, human minds can nourish humans.

Thus in the course of human civilization, the challenges of every human's life begin since Akil Baliq, since the urge of sex or sexual desire began to be present, since the mind can begin to distinguish between good and bad, since the ego pushes humans to master as much propherthy right.

This is what happened to the sons of Adam, Kabil and Habil. Kabil who was driven by lust to his twin brother Habil, was driven by his lust and ego to have a twin brother from Habil. Kabil planned with his wits which had been guided by lust, desire; has been under the command of Satan, for forgetting God. The urge to rule, lust uncontrolled, makes Kabil crazy, he killed his own brother Habil.

After the killing event, Kabil then woke up, and saw a crow, digging the ground to bury the corpses of other dead crows.

Kabil mimicked what the crow did, burying his brother, Habil.

The story of Kabil and Habil at least gives Ibrah that; impulse, (to rule in a broad sense), causing people to forget their Lord, so they can be motivated to do things that are contrary to their conscience. Contrary to the purpose and purpose of God creating humans. The impulse was only small at first, then became large after being provoked by Satan, who uses the urge or desire of the human ego as his vehicle.

Another lesson from Kabil and Habil is, reminding humans, that the first human being, or early humans, built their culture, traditions and habits by studying the behavior of animals or animals around them.

Animals or animals are the early teachers of humans in managing, pursuing and building their civilization. And it should be noted that according to the Qur'an the animal or animal, has been given a Revelation by Allah for the survival of their lives. So when humans learn from animals, it really is God's way of teaching humans through the mediation of nature.

From learning about animals or animals, humans slowly have the ability to communicate with one another in cues, learn to live in groups, learn to hunt, and so on, until humans create symbols, as a means of communication, for various needs of their fellowmen. Human traditions and culture continue to develop along with the richness of knowledge thanks to the experience experienced by humans. Good knowledge about, animal behavior, knowledge about the season, knowledge about the behavior of fellow humans. This knowledge continues to grow, and increase, until it comes to an awareness that there is something that creates behind everything they find, including that something creates them. From here the beginning of the emergence of the concept of God. At the same time the beginning of the emergence of what is called religion in science.

Religion, therefore in the scientific approach is man-made. Unlike the religion referred to by the Koran, as the teachings of God, which is not only given to humans, but also to animals and animals.

That is why Islam is not only a teaching for humans, but a teaching given by Allah to all of His creatures. All of God's creatures are servants of Allah, except those who deny Him.

By: Hasanuddin
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